We invite you to organize a unique pilgrimage with us to Poland and other European destinations.

We understand it is not an easy thing to organize the pilgrimage for 15 people or even more. It is always slightly challenging to keep everyone happy and still create the perfect balance of deep spiritual catholic pilgrimage and at the same time create a joyful atmosphere and to give the parishioners the extensive cultural experiences. We totally understand...


→ We can cater for any number of the group from 6 to even 100 persons, different age range groups and even with mobility restrictions.

→ We have our dedicated team and different kinds of transports.

→ We create the win-win situation to give you lots of benefits for organizing pilgrimage, needless to say, free place and much more (please contact us).

→ We promise to arrange Holy Masses in different basilicas and churches.


→ When you come for pilgrimage, we want you to have an amazing Catholic holiday and not to think about your group’s needs, special requests.

We are here to take all your stress on us.

→ We guarantee the best value for money and competitive price as we’re based here in Poland/Europe and have great relations with hotels and transports for the last 10 years.

→ We guarantee amazing gastronomical experiences every single evening.

→ We can entirely customize the whole tour depending on your requirements. 

→ At least one evening (or even more) there would be either classical concert or folk dance show. 

And here are some points which we’ll guarantee to give you an amazing pilgrimage&holidays. 




It is a good way to build Church unity with parishioners since you will do it as one. One group sharing similar beliefs and faith and with the same aim which is to strengthen your spirituality.

It is also a way to empower church leaders and be able to lead the church community the best way they can and inspire others.  

A pilgrimage journey can lift the heart, evoke emotions that are beyond words, give us peace that “the world cannot give” (John 14:27).



We will help you every step of the way. You will not be left alone from planning, looking after your group during the tour, even until your group's return for your next tour. We offer competitive commissions for travel agents.

We will provide you with a worry-free well-planned pilgrimage and holidays.

We believe in longterm relationship and not onetime cooperation.

We have built a very good reputation to different churches in UK and USA and been partnered with many organizers. We can provide you with lots of references from different churches and organizers.



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” The experience was absolutely wonderful. Everything was done just supreme. If you did come with this company, you will be very surprised with the end result. Our guide was absolutely marvelous. He was very knowledgeable and very caring. The dinners were wonderful. 
Marsha – Buffalo, NY

” The Everybody’s needs were catered from the youngest to the elderly. We will remember this for the rest of our lives. They helped in every way possible. They never left us alone to make sure we are well looked after. The meals are absolutely brilliant! This is worth every penny. 
Kathleen and Aileen, Northampton

” We are very happy the way it is handled especially the small details that you will not find from other big companies. I was skeptical because I have never been a person who likes walking tour, but because they are very helpful, I was able to do the 14 days. I don’t like it, I LOVE IT! For the money we paid, it is incredible! It is a trustful company. 

” The restaurants and accommodation are perfect. DLI is a company to be trusted. We have 50 people on our trip with all different age ranges from 22-70s and we have 2 persons with minor physical disability but they were able to cater it very well. 
Martin and Ernie, northampton

” Dynamic, fun and spiritual. This is a holiday of a lifetime that combines prayer, fun, and food in an atmosphere of friendship in an environment that will relax and inspire your body and soul. 
jo dolarcen

” Many in our group were surprised that DLI exceeded our expectations. We are doing much more than what we paid for. Without a doubt, we will recommend this to other organizers. I knew that they are keeping track of the people in my group. It felt more like a family at the end of the trip. 
tom giacomo

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YOU CAN trust US

All the tours we offer are product of our own travel and research. We scrutinized each point and make sure your getting the best experience of everything, from hotel, transport, destinations and restaurants.



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