One day Catholic tour to Zakopane

Have you ever thought about organizing your own tour but you haven’t been sure how to make a proper program and not to miss anything? I bet you have 🙂 .
You plan to go to Krakow but suddenly someone tells you about visiting stunning Zakopane. You google that town and you find out you actually really like it. But you have only one day to spend in Zakopane, Southern Poland, and so many things to do. You can’t decide what you want to see because there are too many interesting, beautiful and adventurous things.

You are feeling a bit disappointed as you think you can’t make it the way you like. But you give a try – you google “zakopane one day tour” and here we come! 

Polish Highlanders in their traditional costumes.
Would you like just in one day to cross the border between Poland and Slovakia and also see the unique old polish village with the beautiful folk architecture? Imagine, you’re surrounded by the wooden chalets that are one hundred years old, just as they were from a fairy tale.

On the same day, you can go up to the mountaintop by the funicular rail to enjoy the panoramic view of the whole Tatra mountains and just right after that, you visit the folk market to taste some traditional polish food.

Chalet – Polish Highlander’s’ wooden architecture.
Imagine that the same day gives you also an opportunity to see famous Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima – the wooden church built in memory of Saint John Paul II.

Let’s add the part of relaxation! Let’s finish your day in the spa hot springs where for one hour you can deep into the naturally heated, turquoise water just to unwind and relax every single muscle of your body.

What about that?

Thermal Springs
Termy Szaflary
Now you have to believe me – it’s really possible to do all these things just in one day!

We invite you to come to Poland and see all the different Catholic shrines and historical places of our country and also visit the Tatra mountains. All these things just in one day.

Imagine, how much you would be able to see if you spend 7 days in here! I leave it to you to think about that.

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