One Day Catholic Tour – perfect solution

If you’re:

  • not available on the dates your parish organizes a pilgrimage to Poland;

  • not comfortable going with a big group;

  • trying to travel independently but want to discover places with the locals;

  • fed up with organizing your trip;

Then you should check out our offer.

As you are here, most probably you are planning a pilgrimage or holiday to Poland. Fantastic! Being locals, we will be happy to provide you with pieces of advice or services, so you can have an extraordinary time during your trip.

Southern Poland is an amazing destination, as it offers both spiritual & holiday experiences at the same time.

The homeland of St. Pope John Paul II, Divine Mercy Shrine, Black Madonna Sanctuary, numerous historical churches makes Krakow a perfect base for a unique Catholic pilgrimage.

Southern Poland is also an ideal Holiday destination, providing:

  • gastronomical journey: amazing traditional dinners in unique restaurants;
  • spa & wellness: opportunity to relax in thermal water springs;
  • architecture & culture: plentiful historical buildings and places that witnessed events throughout the ages; 
  • art: Krakow is considered the cultural capital of Poland, also voted the European Capital of Culture in the year 2000. Live classical concerts, exhibitions, street performances, contribute to the artistic vibe;
  • nature: the highest Polish mountain range, is listed on the UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The funicular ride to the hilltop unveils its beauty.

If you want to travel independently, pick and choose from our portfolio.

We’ve got you covered!

We genuinely want you to have a great experience in Poland, so we have prepared for you a travel guide, ensuring an authentic experience. ENJOY! 

FREE travel guide to southern Poland 

with a lot of tips from the locals
Be the Smart Catholic Traveler! 🙂 

If you are a group of approx. 6 people and you want to come for our ‘tried and tested’ tour, the best of Southern Poland, check out the program of Catholic Pilgrimage & Holidays to Poland (click). Sign up, turn up and enjoy. Leave the whole organization to us, the tour Experts. Check out the Testimonials (click).

Check our offer of catholic pilgrimages & holidays:


Which ONE DAY TOUR would you like to go for?


Would you like to meet polish highlanders’ culture, go to John Paul II’s beloved place, visit wooden churches, try a funicular trail through amazing Tatra mountains and relax in a hot thermal water springs spa? Come with us to Zakopane to the one day tour!


Are you curious about the ex-socialist quarter of Krakow – Nowa Huta – and its unique architecture? Would you like to see a true symbol of the Polish belief in Catholicism? Visit Divine Mercy Shrine and St. Faustina’s Tomb and celebrate Holy Mass in the Divine Mercy Sanctuary? Don’t wait – check our offer of Divine Mercy & Nowa Huta District One Day Tour!  


Are you curious about a birthplace and hometown of St.John Paul II? Would you like to see Calvary Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska? Try pope’s cake? Visit former concentration camp? Don’t wait – check our offer of Wadowice, Kalwaria, Auschwitz One Day Tour!  


Would you like to go to Czestochowa and see the famous Black Madonna icon? Celebrate mass at the Pauline Monastery? Drive through the white rocky limestone trail adorned with the medieval castles? Visit Hercules Mace Rock in the Ojców National Park? We’ve got something for you – Catholic One Day of Black Madonna.  

Don’t waste your time.

Come with us to an amazing one day tour.



We would love to help everyone to meet our beautiful Polish culture and show the best what our country has to offer. If you think that some of your beloved friends or family could take an advantage of our one day tour, please share this post with them.

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