Have you ever heard about hot spring pools? I suppose that yes. They’re not only beautiful but above all, soooo relaxing. They are considered a spa treatment for obvious reasons, and one of those is de-stress from your nerves and relieve pain. Hot springs are popular all over the world – above all, you can find them in France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and… Poland! 🙂

Let’s point out what exactly hot springs treatment has to offer you.

Believe or not, when you go for holidays with us, you would go to thermal hot springs while you are on the catholic pilgrimage. You will get health treatments, relax and spiritual experience – all combined together, because we want to give you all the best :-).

Check out our unique combination of Catholic pilgrimage and holidays we’ve prepared for you.

Thermal Spa Experience allows you to refocus on what is important to you.
Boosts blood circulation

Imagine your bath in a hot spring. Your skin soaks in minerals, hydrostatic pressure rises, circulation and oxygen flow increases, your blood starts pumping and you get to feeling like you’re working out . You just feel so amazing, as you were reborn 😉 . Blood circulation helps your body feel not so stiff and tired as it would if you were lying in bed all day.

Reduces stress, promotes sleep and calm you down

You know, stress relief doesn’t have to come in the form of a pill 🙂 To fully relax you need a thermal spa. De-stressing, in general, is very beneficial to your health. By relaxing in warm water, your body is able to fall asleep faster. The minerals in the water can contribute to the psychological healing process, while heat relaxes tense muscles.

The heat helps also digestion problems

The saltwater is what helps the digestion tract. I may not notice but through you sweating, you can get rid of oils and dead cells. Detoxification? Yes, please!

Solves skin problems
When applied directly to the skin, mineral-rich hot-spring water can help to naturally relieve certain skin conditions. The high silica content found in hot springs can smooth and soften dry, rough skin. Eczema, psoriasis, dry scalp …  if you have skin conditions that affect your daily life, and you just cannot get rid of it, you should consider visiting a hot spring!
You don’t need painkillers!

If you suffer from chronic muscle pain, arthritis or even fibromyalgia, soaking in a pool of hot-spring water can effectively relieve your pain. The heat loosens your skin from your bones and the muscles and helps you move freer.

I could write more and more benefits that thermal spa can give us but maybe you should just try it? 🙂 Try it during your holidays. Try it during your pilgrimage. Try it with us!

Come to Poland and meet its amazing history, culture, traditions, spirituality, and… cuisine. 🙂 Meanwhile, draw inspiration from positive people and spread your power with the others. Need to relax? A visit to the thermal spa is one of the points in our Sacred Poland tour. 

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Photo credits: unsplash: Clem Onejeghuo, Drew Graham, Jennifer Burk, Jernej Graj, Thought Catalog, Cathie Doherty, Hisu Lee, goracypotok, termy szaflary